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Prof. Dr. Aftab Mohsin is a very competent doctor who offers a number of services such as.

Gastroenterologist, General Physician

Prof. Dr. Aftab Mohsin is a Gastroenterologist, General Physician and Family Physician. Prof. Dr. Aftab Mohsin is among the Best Gastroenterologists in Lahore.

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Dr Aftab Mohsin


I am now posted as professor of Medicine at Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore since January 2018. I joined Allama Iqbal Medical College, after stepping down from the post of the Principal, Gujranwala Medical College, Gujranwala.
After three decades in public service I have realized that making or strengthening of a department or an institution may be very noble, but nobler still is transforming humans, men and women, into better human beings, into better professionals!
In past I have firmly believed that, a significant change, for the welfare of the public at large, can only be brought about by, working in a public sector office. That is not true; a meaningful and significant change can only be brought on by the participation of both public and private sectors.